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Customers have reported excellent results in the fight against Acne

LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum has helped thousands of people in Asia and around the world combat Acne and other skin conditions when used with the youth restoring cleanser and consuming RESERVE™.

Dr. Newman formulated the LUMIESCE range after discovering how growth factors worked whilst looking for ways to treat patients with burns and severe injuries, and it is the belief of many customers that it has helped them reduce their acne
I've seen improvements in patients with rosacea, burns, acne as the cytokines interact with cells & reduces inflammation.
- Dr. Nathan Newman
These actual photos speak volumes about what this fantastic product can do and is one of the reasons for the company's meteoric growth worldwide!
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LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum should be used in conjunction with the Youth Restoring Cleanser for best results.

Some of the best results we have seen are in the East, where RESERVE™ is consumed whilst using the Cell Rejuvenation Serum.

Follow the usage Instructions for best results and be patient!

Results will vary depending on your skin type, diet and metabolism.
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