The site is not automatically replicated and is coded manually. You can hire the site with all your details and your photo for a monthly fee. Prospects can buy product and join via your site.

There is an initial set-up fee and loading fee for the Monthly Payment Program. Monthly and 3 month plan.

Initial Set up/ Code and Load Fee for Personalized Site:

N. America:    USD: 20*        GBP: 10         EURO: 12.50 *

*Prices in USD and Euro are based on current rates, and can vary. The amounts are based on the Sterling Prices chargeable.

You and your team can save money buy choosing the Fixed Term - Renewable Options below. The setup/ load fee is included and saves you money!:
Order Website

Welcome to the site order page

Ordering your site and usage licence.
Three easy steps
Order a domain name from or other service provider, its cheap and is crucial for your marketing efforts.

Go to any good domain provider eg: (If you don't know how to to do this, please contact me, I'll guide you through the process)

You do not need to purchase hosting as its included in the price for your site licence - We host your site. All you do is point your domain to a url we allocate to you.
Getting a site like this is a lot less work than building sites for yourself and your team. (This one took over 700
hours of work, collecting, creating and collating all the material. Videos, Graphics, Text etc.)
Duplication is the key to our business and this site is a crucial tool to assist you and your team in that process.
It removes distributors from doing the "Telling and Selling", it's all done for them.
Simply refer prospects to individual pages, arrange a
skype call (after they have been through a section)
and you are set to go! (Do not give them your site url
and ask them to "visit your site", there is far to much
information for them to absorb!)
This is NOT a site designed to be a quick, hype filled intro
to our business! Each section has been painstakingly
crafted to tell a story.. to have a prospect get all the
information he or she needs, to understand and
evaluate the products, business and opportunity.
New Add-On's are in the pipeline, including lead capture pages, fabulous presentation, training and
product videos and testimonial videos from around the world. These will be available for FREE to yearly
site subscribers. I am also working on complete landing pages and mini-sites, designed to funnel traffic to specific
pages on your site.)  These will be included FREE for all Site Licence Holders as they are developed.
North America
United Kingdom
(Not inc. Setup)
3 Months*
Plus load fee: $20
6 Months**
Special Offer
Best Price
* For the monthly and 3 month rate, the setup/ load fee will be added to the first invoice. A monthly recurring billing will be set up for the monthly license. Example: US site monthly, first invoice is for $40 followed by 20 monthly via paypal. 3 month site licence - One payment of $70

** 6 Month and Yearly  "Special Offers" includes the setup/ load fee. Saves you money, and saves us time.

** You can choose the 3 month option and have a monthly recurring fee at the end of the option or purchase another 3 month licence.
Choose the term you want the website licence for .
Information Needed and Instruction to complete site license order
Please complete the form below and submit. If you have any questions or need any help please use the message section in the form or contact me via email:

Once I receive the form I will send you a paypal invoice, once payment is received I will start work on your site. Depending on the work load your site should be up and running the same day.

I'll send you the url you need to point to your domain, if you do not know how to set it up, let me know and I'll help you with it. Please don't forget to upload a photo.