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Why choose RESERVE™ ?
Reserve™ does not only contain fruits, it also contains resveratrol. RESVERATROL is the superhero ingredient in
Reserve™ fruit gel. RESVERATROL is a compound extracted from the skins of red grapes.

Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to extend our live cells by activating a dormant gene in our DNA.
Reserve™ CAP-e test (the purpose of the CAP-e test is to determine if antioxidants are capable of entering into
and protecting live cells from oxidative damage) results prove that it is able to penetrate and protect live cells from
oxidative damage.

Reserve™ is different from others because its highly bio-available gel form makes up 200 times more absorbable
than encapsulated products. Meaning the body can absorb resveratrol more effectively.

Why do we hear so much about free radicals?
Medical and nutrition experts recognize that free radicals can lead to negative health consequences. Free radicals
attack our cells continually, opening up the possibility of degenerative health concerns and contributing to the aging

Why is it important to consume RESERVE™?
With its unique combination of antioxidants, anthocyanins and essential fatty acids, RESERVE™ is an excellent
defense against free radical damage. Daily consumption of this delicious fruit blend will help you to incorporate
good nutrition as part of a healthy diet.

What are some of the specific benefits provided by RESERVE™?
Antioxidants to resist cell inflammation, relieve oxidative stress and helps in delaying premature aging.
Anthocyanins in this product help to support improved cardiovascular function. Essential fatty acids in RESERVE™
provide support for healthy digestive tract function. Phytosterols will help to support healthy cholesterol levels.
Healthy immune system support Increased metabolism.

What is the absorption rate into the body for this product?
RESERVE™ is absorbed into the body within minutes. The bio-available gel form of our product makes it much
more absorbable than encapsulated products.

We often see that resveratrol is available in 500-1000 mg capsules. To maximize the anti-aging benefits of
resveratrol, what is the best dosage?
RESERVE™ contains an optimal dosage amount of 75 mg of resveratrol per serving. The body’s ability to absorb
this important substance is even greater because of the combination of natural fruit ingredients which all work
together to help achieve excellent nutrition. The mega-doses in those capsules are not readily absorbed into the

Are there any side-effects from taking too much of this product?
This product is very safe. If you were to consume more than 4 gel packs in one day, first-time users might
experience some mild gastro-intestinal disturbances and loose bowel movements. It might also result in some
people getting mild headaches from the resveratrol dosage.

What is the effect of combining resveratrol with the other ingredients in RESERVE™?
Jeunesse created a perfect balance with resveratrol, blueberry puree, pomegranate extract, grapeseed, aloe vera,
acai and green tea. These ingredients work synergistically together to increase the beneficial effects of anti-aging
and to promote an overall feeling of wellness in the body with massive doses of antioxidants.

Is there any recommendation of how to take this product to maximize best results?
You have total flexibility with this product to achieve great results. You can take the product first thing in the
morning or before bedtime. A dose of RESERVE™ would be a great way to start your day with breakfast. Or you
can take one gel pack twice daily, in the morning and at night.

Does the product need to be stored at any specific temperature?
Room temperature is fine. The product should be kept away from excessive heat. This product is loaded with
natural minerals, trace vitamins and antioxidants that can be harmed in the presence of excess heat. The colder the
product the better and the taste is exceptional after refrigeration.

Is there a timeframe of when to expect results from using the product?
14-21 days to begin the anti-aging benefits and 5-7 days for an increased feeling of overall wellness and vitality.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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